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MountainView Veterinary Hospital Now Offers Acupuncture!

veterinary acupuncture

Our hospital is now offering veterinary acupuncture! Dr. Alli Sommerkorn has added acupuncture to her broad list of certifications in pain management, completing her Veterinary Acupuncture Certification with Chi University in Florida. She is certified for small animals such as dogs, cats, reptiles, and birds.

Acupuncture has no systemic side effects, so it is particularly helpful for dogs in poor health. As with most medical protocols, a combination of treatments often provides the best results, and acupuncture is often paired with other pain management or rehabilitation techniques.

Conditions Treated by Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of pet problems, including arthritis pain, neurological issues, metabolic concerns, and spinal difficulties. Veterinary acupuncture has been shown to benefit pets suffering from a wide range of conditions, including:

- Arthritis
- Asthma
- Bronchitis
- Chronic Constipation
- Chronic Diarrhea
- Hip Dysplasia
- Immune System Weakness
- Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)
- Keratoconjunctivitis (KCS) or “Dry Eye”
- Kidney Disease
- Lick Granulomas
- Liver Disease
- Neurological Conditions
- Pain and Nausea Related to Cancer
- Seizure Disorders
- Spinal Cord Disorder

What will happen at each session?

During the First Session: At your pet’s first visit, the Doctor will obtain a detailed history of your pet’s current condition and answer any questions you may have prior to the examination. A full physical examination will then be performed and a treatment plan will be created. If you have pet insurance which covers this service, kindly give a blank form at the time of the first visit. The first visit takes approximately 60 minutes to complete assuming you have provided Part 1 of the MVH Acupuncture Intake Form (acupuncture-intake-form.pdf) in advance. Your pet is likely to obtain his or her first treatment at this visit. Some pets may be a little nervous in a new clinical setting. If you think your pet may be anxious, please contact us beforehand so we can make some recommendations to make this a comfortable and stress free visit. It may be helpful to bring your pet’s favorite blanket or toy for relaxation. Most pets, however, become very relaxed after needle insertion. The doctor outlines a treatment protocol that may involve one to three sessions per week for several weeks. Often, the number of sessions is tapered off as the dog improves, so visits are scheduled less frequently.

Follow Up Treatment Sessions: The effects of acupuncture treatment are cumulative so there is a benefit to repeated sessions, but the goal is to achieve the greatest degree of improvement and maintain that level with the fewest treatments necessary. There are few side effects with acupuncture, but some dogs may be sore or stiff following a treatment session, while other patients appear tired. These symptoms usually resolve within 24-48 hours. The doctor will outline a treatment protocol that may involve one to three sessions per week for several weeks. Often, the number of sessions is tapered off as your pet improves, so visits are scheduled less frequently. Follow up Treatment Sessions typically take approximately 30 minutes unless your pet presents with an additional problem which requires a physical exam. In these cases, an additional appointment may be needed in order to provide enough time for the doctor to thoroughly assess and treat your pet.

MountainView Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer this new alternative therapy and can evaluate whether it is right for your pet. Please ask for Dr. Alli Sommerkorn if you are interested in learning more about veterinary acupuncture! 

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