Dr. Boggier’s inspiration for making this dream come true was Larry Lion, a beloved stuffed animal she had at the age of two.

A stuffed animal on a table

Stitched and Fixed

When Larry’s string was pulled, he roared. One day, to her dismay, the string stayed out. Larry Lion was broken. Elizabeth’s thoughtful babysitter at the time, offered to take Larry home for an “operation.” Elizabeth remembers feeling frightened for her best friend but her babysitter said not to worry. She’d take good care of him. The next day, Larry Lion came back home. He wasn’t able to talk anymore—they had to remove his “voice box” but otherwise he was re-stitched and as good as new.

“I could have cared less that he didn’t speak anymore. I had my best friend back.” It was at that moment, Elizabeth knew she’d one day become a veterinarian and take care of other people’s much-loved best friends. “It’s been over 40 years and I can still remember that feeling of pure joy.” Dr. Boggier welcomes you to MountainView Veterinary Hospital—she’s waiting to give you and your pet a feeling of pure joy too!