“Doggy Breath” is NOT normal. This is an indicator of oral disease which not only needs to be addressed, but can be very effectively managed long term. If you are put off by your pet’s breath, it’s time for an oral care consultation with an MVH doctor.

The doctors at MountainView Veterinary Hospital are passionate about oral and dental care. Did you know you can significantly improve your pet’s health, longevity and comfort simply by establishing a proper oral care program? Caring for your pet’s teeth truly one of the very best ways to show your love for your pet.

Gold-Standard Dental Care

At MVH we provide high quality advanced veterinary dental care and oral surgery that exceeds the current standards of our profession. While some facilities focus on the procedure itself, at MVH we understand managing the problem is key to long term success. We are passionate about not only addressing your pet’s care, but in working with you to keep your pet’s mouth comfortable for many years to come. Dental X-rays are required for every patient to identify current disease and early problems beneath the gum line which will be a problem in the future. A proper oral evaluation is provided at all puppy and kitten visits and recommendations for care early on are encouraged.