Services offered at MountainView Veterinary Hospital

Pets require veterinary care to keep them in optimal health. If you are a cat or dog owner, contact MountainView Veterinary Hospital in Rockaway to make an appointment with our veterinarian for routine checks of your pet's health. Here are some services our practice provides to pets in the area.

Services offered at MountainView Veterinary Hospital

Comprehensive Exams

It is important to make appointments for your dog or cat to see our veterinarian at least once a year for a well-visit. During comprehensive exams, our vet will note your pet's weight and body temperature and use document history to see if a fluctuation in these numbers indicates a problem is present so treatment can be provided.

After statistics are compared, our vet will then check over each portion of your pet's body closely. This includes checking your pet's heartbeat for irregularities and palpitating your pet's stomach to check for growths. Our vet will provide dental care and clip their nails or claws during the appointment as well. Be sure to alert our practitioner of any problems you have noticed with your pet's health so it can be checked in detail during one of these exams.

Preventative Care

Our veterinarian will supply you with a list of recommended vaccinations for your pet so you are aware of the different medical conditions and diseases that can be stopped with them. After a comprehensive exam is conducted, our vet may be able to provide some of these vaccinations to your pet depending on their overall health and age. 

In addition to immunizations, there are other preventative actions that will keep your pet safe and healthy. This includes the insertion of a microchip to help identify your pet should it happen to become lost. This will speed up the time in locating you so you can become reunited with your cat or dog. Parasite prevention protects your pet against harmful conditions like heartworm disease, flea allergies, and Lyme disease. Our vet can provide treatment for both internal and external parasites. Our vet is also available to perform spaying or neutering to stop pets from reproducing.

Other Services 

There may come a time when your pet is not feeling well or when it becomes injured. These occurrences require prompt treatment. Our animal hospital provides trauma service for all types of emergencies, such as poison ingestion, animal bites, broken bones, or being hit by a car. We also provide ongoing cancer treatment for pets suffering from this condition. We have an on-site laboratory and offer house call service when needed.

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