MountainView Veterinary Hospital Diagnostics to Support Pet Care

Animals can provide little information about their symptoms or injury, so veterinarians must rely on their training, experience and diagnostic measures to provide appropriate treatment. At MountainView Veterinary Hospital in Rockaway and Denville, NJ, we offer a range of techniques to help us diagnose pet illness and injuries.

Diagnostic Technologies

For many years, x-rays have helped veterinarians diagnose problems of the hard structures within an animal’s body, such as the bones, joints and the spine. Today, sound waves and ultrasound equipment are used to also view soft tissues and organs inside the body. The equipment helps to diagnose changes in internal organs that could indicate disease or injury.

Blood Work

Your MountainView veterinarian may also take blood from your pet for testing. These tests provide important information about what’s going on your pet’s body. The data they provide can tell the vet about white blood cells that indicate infection, red blood cells that indicate anemia and information about heart function, liver function, and kidney function. Information from blood testing can also tell the doctor about dehydration, ingestion of toxic substances and parasitic infection.

Urinalysis and Fecal Analysis

Urine testing is important for diagnosing urinary tract infections and problems of kidney function. These tests can also detect crystals in the urine, which sometimes indicates a tendency to form bladder stones. Fecal analysis alerts the doctors to internal parasites that can weaken pets and make them very sick. If parasites are found, the doctor can administer medications to eliminate the problem, to safeguard your pet’s health.


Cytology methods are used to detect abnormalities in tissue samples that are taken from an animal’s body. The sample is carefully examined under a microscope to determine the type and amount of abnormal cells. These methods help vets to diagnose tumors, skin infections and other issues that can affect pets’ health.

Make MountainView Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian in Rockaway and Denville

The veterinarians and staff at MountainView Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing quality care for all their patients in Rockaway and Denville, NJ and nearby communities. Our animal hospital offers a variety of veterinary services, including exams, preventative care, surgery, pharmacy services, cancer care, emergency care, and house calls. Call MountainView Veterinary Hospital today at 973-983-0500 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about the diagnostic methods we use to help pets maintain good health at every stage of life.

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