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Pet Dental Exams and Care

Taking care of your pets’ teeth is equally as important as taking them to yearly wellness exams. Regular dental care is a perfect way to make sure your pets’ teeth, mouth, and gums are in the best possible health. At MountainView Veterinary Hospital in Rockaway, our veterinarians are able to perform a complete oral exam, teeth cleaning, extractions, and dental surgery for your pets. Below, let’s take a closer look at why pet dental exams are so important to the health of your pet.


Importance of Dental Care

Although often overlooked, dental care is extremely important for your pets. Not only are the teeth, mouth, and gums vital to your pets, many serious diseases first show symptoms within the mouth. Often heart and liver disease will first appear as a problem in the mouth and gums. Tooth decay and disease can quickly spread through the mouth, infecting other healthy teeth. Lastly, open wounds within the mouth, as well as broken teeth, are a perfect site for dangerous bacteria to enter your pets’ bloodstream.

What to Expect During a Complete Oral Health Exam and Cleaning At Our Animal Hospital

Your pet will have to undergo a light anesthetic for a dental cleaning. Anesthetic is used to help your pet feel less stressed and pain. While your pet is asleep, our vets will work to clean the teeth and gums, removing any plaque or tarter build up. If a broken or a diseased tooth is discovered, surgery may be necessary to extract the tooth. This will prevent further spread of the disease and infection. Our veterinarians can also help remove any tooth abscesses during a dental cleaning. Following the cleaning, our doctors may prescribe a mild antibiotic to fight off any possible infection following the surgery.

How Our Rockaway Veterinarians Can Help

Our vets will be able to make suggestions on how to keep your pets’ teeth clean at home. For dogs, brushing is the least expensive and most effective method for keeping your pet’s mouth clean. The technique is the key and we are happy to give you some pointers. There are also several textured chews and treats available that can help to clean between the cracks of the teeth and gums. For cats, we also recommend brushing, but understand that can be a challenge in some pets. Additives can be included in daily food and water, which helps to break down plaque-producing bacteria. There are also dental diets we can recommend to help keep plaque and bacteria at bay.

At MountainView Veterinary Hospital, we are passionate about caring for your beloved animals. Excellent veterinary care covers everything from yearly wellness exams to dental care. Our animal hospital serves Rockaway, Denville, Randolph, Mount Lake, and Morris Plains areas. To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 973-983-0500.


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