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The veterinarians and staff at MountainView Veterinary Hospital love animals and are enthusiastic about pet health care. Our passion for pet care includes pet dental care. Our doctors have extensive experience in dental emergencies, surgery, and routine cleanings.

If your pet's breath smells worse than usual, he may be suffering from a dental issue. You may not be our regular patient, however, we welcome you to contact us with questions or concerns about your pet's dental health. Our animal hospital offers pet dental care to your furry friends.


Why Is Pet Dental Care So Important?

Routine pet dental care prevents tooth and mouth decay. You can prevent serious problems with regular dental visits to the veterinarian. Mouth pain may prevent your cherished pet from eating. Broken teeth or open wounds in the mouth allow infections and dangerous bacteria to enter your animal's bloodstream. Once in your pet's bloodstream, the infection will spread or even cause sepsis, which can turn fatal.

Routine Dental Care for Puppies and Kittens

When you acquire a kitten or puppy, you may be able to brush your young pet's teeth regularly. Teeth brushing is easier to accomplish with puppies than with most kittens. Start when your pet is young so that your pet will become accustomed to this procedure. Ask your vet to recommend the correct animal toothpaste and brushing instrument for your pet. 

Also, puppies and some kittens tend to chew on all sorts of non-edible items. Routine dental visits allow the vet to check for broken or damaged teeth and cuts or sores in your curious pet's mouth. Open cuts could lead to more severe pet health problems by allowing dangerous bacteria to enter your animal's bloodstream.  

A Dental Care Visit At Our Veterinary Hospital

Our veterinarian cleans and examines your pet's teeth, gums, and mouth. We perform a comprehensive oral exam and take digital dental x-rays. We administer a gentle anesthetic before the cleaning. Anesthesia keeps your pet from feeling stress or pain during the exam. While your pet is asleep, we remove plaque and tarter above and below the gum line. Our dental care team also looks for problem teeth and abscesses. After the appointment, we may prescribe a mild antibiotic to keep your pet safe from infection.  We will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your pet's oral health several months after the initial appointment.

Schedule Your Pet's Dental Appointment

Take care of your pet's dental needs now. Schedule an appointment with a vet at the MountainView Veterinary Hospital in Rockaway now. Call 973-709-8958 today or use our online form to request an appointment date and time.

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