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It’s practically become the norm for most pet owners to have their domesticated furry friends spayed and neutered unless they are planning to breed their pets at some point. Otherwise, having pets spayed or neutered only makes sense to prevent unwanted pregnancies, stabilize behavior and to stave off potential diseases.


What Does the Spay & Neuter Surgery Involve?

The spay & neuter surgeries vary, as spaying involves the removal of an animal’s ovaries and uterus, while males being neutered have their testicles removed. This is a surgery intended to sterilize animals so that they cannot reproduce. 

Our Rockaway veterinarian puts animals under a mild anesthesia and administers IV fluids along with pain medication for their comfort. Experienced vet techs monitor them throughout the process for their safety. Most pets return home the same day barring any type of rare complications. Within a few days, your buddy should be able to resume activities as normal.

The Vast Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Pets

Pets enjoy a reduced risk of developing certain health conditions in their lifetime and also tend to live longer. Further benefits of spaying and neutering your domesticated pets include the lessening of less desirable behaviors. Some of the strongest reasons owners have for sterilizing pets include:

  • Reduced risks of cancers of the reproductive systems such as testicular, prostate and uterine cancer.
  • Lower chances of developing certain infections common in reproductive systems.
  • Lower proclivities towards wandering around looking for potential mates, which can ensure greater safety.
  • Reductions in aggressive and territorial behaviors that are typical in animals seeking mates such as fighting, spraying and marking territory.
  • Eliminating female bloody discharge common during periods of going into heat.
  • Reducing the pet population and the costs associated with unwanted litters of animals such as re-homing them.

When Should Pets Be Sterilized?

Most veterinarians agree that pets enjoy greater health and often live longer if they are spayed before going into heat for the first time. This means that pets don’t benefit at all from having at least one litter of babies, which dispels old and untrue notions. It’s recommended to have younger cats and dog sterilized at an early age, but it’s never too late in life for any pet in good health to be spayed or neutered.

Here is an additional resource - a guide that dives into some things pet owners can do after spaying or neutering their dog such as care tips and what to look for as they recover (i.e. what's normal/not normal):

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