Pet Travel Certificates

Domestic & International Travel Certificates

If you’re planning on taking your pet with you on a trip across state or even international borders, our veterinary practice can help you get the health certificates required for your travels.

MountainView Veterinary Hospital is one of the few veterinary hospitals in the state authorized to perform and issue international travel health certificates. By law, doctors must be USDA-certified veterinarians in order to facilitate international travel certifications, and we’re proud to say that two of our doctors are federally accredited. Our doctors are dedicated to maintaining this accreditation and remaining current on infectious diseases worldwide.

Domestic Travel

Before traveling across state lines with a pet, it is so important that your pet receive a physical examination and a domestic travel certificate. Attempting to get your pet a domestic travel certificate is not nearly as time-consuming or costly as applications for international travel certificates. However, be sure to allow yourself at least a week or two to book an appointment with us for a qualifying examination.

If you haven’t already, always make sure your cat or dog is microchipped, especially before going on a trip far from home.

International Travel

The sheer scope of variations between countries’ laws regarding traveling pets creates a lengthy process with quite a bit of paperwork for owners seeking international travel certifications for their pet.

Gaining international travel certification will take at least several days, if not a couple weeks, so we MUST receive paperwork a week before your appointment. 

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