Pet Selection & Behavior Counseling

Different breeds have different personalities, and understanding those personalities goes a long way in helping you have a happy, healthy relationship with your pet. Our friendly staff is always happy to share with you our insights on breed personalities as both medical professionals and pet lovers. We always aim to help you decide which breed will be the best fit for your lifestyle.

First Step as a New Pet Owner—Microchipping

People always believe that their pet won’t go missing, but it happens. And less than 5% of animals that are lost and are not microchipped ever get returned to their owners. Microchipping significantly increases the odds of getting your pet back home, and the procedure is safe and inexpensive.  Newer Home Again microchips can also check your pet’s temperature!  Far more comfortable and less stress than the “traditional method”.

Watch the following heartwarming video to see for yourself just how important it is for you to get your pets microchipped.

First Steps as a Proud, New Puppy or Dog Owner

Let’s talk about the dirty truth. The number one concern people have when it comes to getting a new puppy is: What is the easiest and best way to housebreak the pup?

When it comes to housebreaking a puppy, you’re asking for a lot of trouble if you’re not using a crate. Our veterinarians recommend crate training as the best, most convenient method of puppy potty training.

By confining your pet in a crate, you’ll be encouraging him or her to hold urine or stool until a more convenient time. Puppies usually catch on very quickly through crate training, saving you time and smelly aggravation. Plus, rest assured that our veterinarians have heard it all and are always willing to walk new pet owners through this process.

A member of our veterinary team will happily lend you helpful advice on housebreaking or any other issues that weigh on your mind. We’re experts on curtailing chewing and nipping habits, too.

Our staff knows how wonderful, though at times stressful, integrating a puppy into your life can be, and we know better than to overload anyone with excess information. Our consultations are informative, but they’re also highly individualized to make sure you’re getting the most out of meeting with us.

First Steps as a Proud, New Kitten or Cat Owner


Our practice has a wealth of information for first-time cat owners and cat owners looking to integrate a new cat into a family with a veteran cat.

Diet is an essential ingredient to keeping cats healthy, and many cat owners are not aware of what to feed their cats. Our veterinarians recommend that all cats eat some canned wet food and very little dry food.

In households with more than one cat, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that each cat be fed in a separate room, twice a day, with at least 5–10 minutes of isolated eating time before they return to cohabitating with the other cat(s). Our doctors recommend this practice as it allows each cat to be able to eat his or her food without the stress of having to compete with another cat.

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