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Pet Health

Pets provide great enrichment to our lives. There is one thing that we owe to our pets more than anything else: making sure they are happy and healthy. To achieve proper pet wellness, it is important to work closely with your pet's vet. Both veterinary care and home care play crucial roles when it comes to keeping pets as healthy as possible throughout their lives.


Day to Day Care for Your Pet

No matter what kind of pets you have, it is important to do some basic research to make sure that you understand how to care for them properly. This means seeing that they have the right type of nutritious food, adequate training, plenty of exercise, and of course lots of love and affection.

It is also important to keep an eye out for potential issues. Depending on the age and general state of your pet's health, you will need to keep tabs on things like your pet's appetite, energy level, and behavior issues. If your pet doesn't seem like himself for any length of time, it may be time for a visit to Mountainview Veterinary Hospital in Rockaway.

Working with Our Vet for Your Pet’s Wellness

Your pet is unable to directly communicate when something is wrong, so it is important to take note when you notice something is off. It is also equally important to bring your pet to an animal hospital for his regular pet wellness exams and also keep him up to date with all needed vaccinations and preventative health care, such as flea and tick treatments, dental care, and even spay or neuter surgery.

A Source for Guidance and Support

There doesn't need to be something wrong in order for pet owners to need a little support from their veterinarian in order to raise a healthy and well-behaved pet. There is a lot of information out there about pet nutrition, housebreaking and other training, and socialization of your pet. At Mountainview Veterinary Hospital, we aim to be there to support you through these issues as well to help keep your relationship with your pet strong throughout their life.

Whether you've just picked up a new puppy or you've adopted an older cat from a rescue, our Rockaway Veterinarian is on your side when it comes to delivering the best pet wellness possible. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at Mountainview Veterinary Hospital in Rockaway, NJ at 973-709-8958.


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