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Veterinary Diagnostics in Our In-House Lab

MountainView Veterinary Hospital houses its own laboratory, and it is a true asset to our practice. Our team is able to provide quick, reliable, and accurate diagnostics for your pets. We believe it is important for our clients to know who is handling their pet’s test results. Having an in-house laboratory helps give our clients peace of mind that medical professionals they know and trust have taken a close and individualized look at their pet’s health.

Within the veterinary field, pet diagnostics is an ever-adapting landscape and is essential to providing both preventive and responsive care. While other practices are satisfied with the status quo, the doctors at MountainView truly value our mission to keep up with the times. We know that new technologies open up opportunities for more accurate and less intrusive pet examinations.

We are constantly adding to and updating our medical facilities to stay current with the latest medical discoveries and innovations. Our doctors are committed to providing your pet with the greatest health care treatments available.

Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics

Our veterinary practice also possesses diagnostic capabilities at the forefront of the field that other area practices may not be able to provide your dog or cat.

As such, we have the capability to routinely screen your pet for hypertension (high blood pressure), glaucoma and early heart disease using cardiac enzyme biomarkers. All of our X-rays are reviewed and a report is provided by a board-certified veterinary radiologist. Pre-operative and screening ECG's are also review by a board-certified cardiologist.

Additionally, we understand the importance, especially as pets age, of getting the best possible readings from blood scans and complete blood counts. Our examinations for blood-borne ailments are thorough and precise.

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