5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Around Pets

Growing up with a pet can be a memorable and rewarding experience for children. Pets not only bring joy and constant entertainment, but they also teach kids important lessons about responsibility, compassion, and empathy. However, ensuring that children and pets coexist safely is essential. Our team at MountainView Veterinary Hospital shares five tips to help [...]

Help Your Pet Keep Their Cool in The Heat

Many people really enjoy the warm summer temperatures and outdoor activities, but for pets, the heat and humidity can be dangerous. Temperatures that most people find comfortable are often too hot for pets, who can easily overheat, because their natural cooling mechanisms are inefficient. You can sweat to cool down, but your pet can’t.  MountainView [...]

Fido, It’s Cold Outside: Cold Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Although your pet is outfitted in a plush fur coat, they can still develop frostbite and hypothermia in inclement weather. With average daytime winter temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, you need to keep your four-legged friend warm and safe when outdoors. Follow our MountainView Veterinary Hospital team’s top tips to keep your pet safe [...]

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