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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holiday season is officially here. This year, you are sure to want to celebrate with the whole family, including your pets. But, the festive season brings extra hazards for our furry friends. This year, use these tips to help keep your pet safe and healthy during the holidays. If your dog or cat is sick or injured, give our veterinarians at Mountainview Veterinary Hospital a call. Our animal hospital in Rockaway can provide your pets with the best emergency care during the holidays and all year long.

Tree Safety

In many homes, the Christmas tree is the center of holiday fun. But, trees can be risky for pets, in a few ways. When setting up your tree, be sure to secure it to the wall. Cats especially love to climb into the branches, and dogs will often tussle under the tree. Securing the tree prevents it from toppling over.

If you use a real tree, cover the water reservoir so that your pet can not drink from it. Christmas trees are often grown with fertilizer and pesticides. These can absorb into the water the tree sits in. Tree water can be toxic and pose a risk to pet wellness, so give our veterinarians a call if your pet has slurped from the Christmas tree water.

Food Safety

Holiday meals are full of tasty treats and dishes. Unfortunately, many human foods are poisonous to pets. During the holidays, help your pets stick to their regular diet, don’t feed them from the table, and make sure they can’t gobble up any dropped food. Instead of feeding them your own treats, pick up a package of pet-safe holiday treats just for them.

Call Mountainview Veterinary Hospital in Rockaway, NJ

During the holiday season, keeping your pet safe and healthy may require some extra attention. But, you have a partner in pet wellness. If you have any questions, or if you think your pets have eaten something they shouldn’t have, give us a call at Mountainview Veterinary Hospital at (973) 709-8958.

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