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Common Hazards to Watch Out for When Walking Your Dog

Common hazards to watch out for when walking your dog

We love our pets and we love being able to take them out for walks and to enjoy the outdoors. There are of course hazards that we all know to avoid but our pets may not be so wise. It is our job to help keep our pets from danger and make sure to avoid these hazards.

What Hazards Should You Avoid While Walking your Dog?

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, they will stop and smell anything, taste anything, and are generally not perturbed by much. This means that it is our duty as pet parents to keep our pets safe and make sure that they are not exposed to unnecessary threats. Some common things to watch for are other animals. Your little Fluffy might be friendly but there is no telling if that terrier across the street is going to play or pounce. You also need to watch for other animals like squirrels, rabbits, possums, raccoons and more, as dogs do tend to chase them and if they catch them, they may have rabies or other communicable diseases that cold spell the end for your pet.

You should also be watching out for liquids or other harmful substances that your pet might attempt to ingest on your walks. If you see something that looks like Gatorade on the road it might be antifreeze, gasoline or oil may be pooling where your pet can get it, and any number of other hazardous substances that could harm your dog greatly or even kill them. You also need to watch out for electric fences that your pet may run into as well as manhole covers, sewer drains or other areas that your pet may get stuck.

In most cases you are going to be able to walk your dog without worry about any of these things, but it is always best to keep an open eye to make sure that your pet is going to make it home in one piece. If your pet is injured however, our helpful staff over at Mountainview Veterinary Hospital in the Rockaway, NJ area, can help you with all your animal hospital and veterinarian needs. We can handle both routine visits as well as emergency visits.

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