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Fido, It’s Cold Outside: Cold Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Although your pet is outfitted in a plush fur coat, they can still develop frostbite and hypothermia in inclement weather. With average daytime winter temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, you need to keep your four-legged friend warm and safe when outdoors. Follow our MountainView Veterinary Hospital team’s top tips to keep your pet safe [...]

How to Survive the Holidays with Your Pet

The holidays aren’t all they’re nut-cracked up to be. In fact, sometimes they’re downright chaotic.  After you’ve sleighed all day and your cup of holiday cheer is empty, the last thing you need is a pet-related emergency. Ensure you and your pet have a well-deserved silent night this Christmas by accepting this gift—a holiday pet [...]

Debunking Myths About Pet Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in pets, and they can be frustrating. You may be desperate to help your pet, but don’t be misled by common myths about these infections. Our MountainView Veterinary Hospital team wants to debunk common pet ear infection myths to ensure your pet receives the care they need. Myth: Pet ear infections [...]

Happy Cat, Happy Cat Owner

Cats are fickle creatures who are not shy about expressing their displeasure. Stress can cause health complications in cats, and an unhappy cat can significantly disrupt your household. Our MountainView Veterinary Hospital team provides advice that will keep your cat as pleased as punch. Keep your cat healthy Your cat can’t be happy if they [...]

6 Common Misconceptions About Pet Allergies

Allergies affect numerous pets, but many pet owners have misconceptions about these conditions. Our team at MountainView Veterinary Hospital wants to help by providing accurate information about pet allergies, to ensure your pet gets the care they need. Misconception #1: Most allergic pets are reacting to their food. Truth: Food allergies are uncommon in pets, [...]

6 Tips To Support Pets During Back-To-School

As the summer days dwindle away, many Rockaway and Denville families are preparing for the back-to-school season. For children, this means stocking up on school supplies, meeting new classmates, and adjusting to new teachers. For pets, this means a new schedule and more time at home alone, which many pets find extremely difficult. Our team [...]

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