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Routine Wellness Care Promotes Pet Health

Routine preventive care helps keep your pet in peak condition. From the youngest kitten or puppy to the oldest cat or dog, pets need routine veterinary checkups to ensure they’re healthy or detect a problem early enough that the condition is easy to resolve.  Our team members at MountainView Veterinary Hospital, with locations in Rockaway [...]

Holistic Touch: Exploring Alternative Medicine for Your Pet

In recent years, alternative medicine therapies have gained popularity as viable treatments for pets. Many pet owners seek natural and holistic approaches to help maintain their pets' health and well-being. From acupuncture to herbal remedies, such as those offered at MountainView Veterinary Hospital, alternative medicine can complement traditional veterinary care. Our team describes alternative medicine [...]

Gold Star Smile: Ensuring Dental Health for Cats and Dogs

Dental health is critical for our pets’ overall well-being, but far too often, it's the owner’s last focus. Dogs and cats can suffer from dental issues that impact their quality of life and sometimes their longevity. Our team at MountainView Veterinary Hospital explores the importance of pet dental care and provides practical tips for maintaining [...]

Tips for Encouraging Your Pet to Eat

Proper nutrition is essential for fueling your pet’s body, maintaining their healthy weight, and supporting their overall health. So, when your furry pal eats less than usual, you are naturally concerned. Our MountainView Veterinary Hospital team explains the many causes of inappetence in pets and how to encourage your pet to eat, ensuring they get [...]

Looking Good: How to Groom Your Pet at Home

A good grooming session will help your furry pal look and feel their best, and smell oh-so-fresh when you lean in for a cuddle. Plus, brushing and bathing allow you to examine your pet’s skin, ears, and paws for abnormalities like dryness, redness, or lumps and bumps. Before you toss your pet in the tub [...]

5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Around Pets

Growing up with a pet can be a memorable and rewarding experience for children. Pets not only bring joy and constant entertainment, but they also teach kids important lessons about responsibility, compassion, and empathy. However, ensuring that children and pets coexist safely is essential. Our team at MountainView Veterinary Hospital shares five tips to help [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Diagnostic Pet Wellness Screenings

Did you recently receive a reminder about your pet’s diagnostic wellness screenings? These tests may seem unnecessary if your pet is young and apparently healthy, but they are an important aspect of your four-legged friend’s health care. Our MountainView Veterinary Hospital team, which serves Rockaway and Denville, New Jersey, answers frequently asked questions about these [...]

Shining the Light On Laser Therapy for Pets

Laser therapy is a pain-free, surgery-free, and drug-free treatment modality that is hugely beneficial for pets suffering from pain, inflammation, and injuries. Plus, laser therapy is non-invasive, and your pet does not need to be shaved for treatment. This safe, yet powerful, therapy option, has so many perks that pets can reap the benefits with [...]

Fido, It’s Cold Outside: Cold Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Although your pet is outfitted in a plush fur coat, they can still develop frostbite and hypothermia in inclement weather. With average daytime winter temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, you need to keep your four-legged friend warm and safe when outdoors. Follow our MountainView Veterinary Hospital team’s top tips to keep your pet safe [...]

How to Survive the Holidays with Your Pet

The holidays aren’t all they’re nut-cracked up to be. In fact, sometimes they’re downright chaotic.  After you’ve sleighed all day and your cup of holiday cheer is empty, the last thing you need is a pet-related emergency. Ensure you and your pet have a well-deserved silent night this Christmas by accepting this gift—a holiday pet [...]

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